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Sop is the food that a kind of a lot of people like. Usually, people can buy delicious sop in various bake inn. Of course, if there is oven in the home, everybody also can make toast according to his taste be fond of piece. Nevertheless, the toast that make piece still need to master certain skill. Below, make toast with oven for everybody introduction piece practice.

With oven toast piece practice

One, the detailed list that feed capable person

Biscuit 1, butter 40 grams, shallot 1, egg 1, white sugar right amount

2, little skill

1. biscuit is cut should cut a few thinlier a little, bake the mouthfeel ability that come out so more crisp.

When 2. just gave heat, may compare soft, want in a way to put cool hind again edible, fragile fragile flavour is more delicate.

3. biscuit can be used say department, OK also usage rod, but must want raw ingredient, or of wheat fragrance OK also, what must not choose to contain conserve and so on is sweet biscuit, cannot highlight the green fragrance that has baked otherwise.

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The quantity of 4. butter is not put too much as far as possible, after all grease is photographedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The too much meeting that enter brings about get fat.

With oven toast piece practice

3, toast piece practice measure

1, the need in preparing to make a process feeds capable person with what arrive, above all an account that we cut biscuit each ply to be 2cm about, after been cut, place wait to reserve aside.

2, bate of good equipment butter room temperature (if indoor temperature is too low, can lie between hot water bate) , join right amount whiteShanghai noble baby

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Candy, mix is even.

3, shallot is abluent cut broken end account, infiltrate smaller part egg, with the chopstick or eggbeater forward mix of a direction is even, wait to reserve.

4, take among them what a sop that has cut will mixed with the knife is yellowNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Oily chopped green onion is even ground daub above, ordinal after wiping all sop, place bake dish.

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5, be in charge of on oven and leave a valve warm-up 170 degrees, will bake dish put oven roast 15 minutes or so, wait for its surface to become brown color to be able to give furnace to enjoy green sweet toast piece.

With oven toast piece practice

4, the nutrient value of sop1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Contain E of rich crude fibre, vitamin and zinc, Potassium to wait mineral, whole wheat bread contains vitamin of B a group of things with common features, disease of skin of acerbity to tired, waist backache, inappetence, beriberi, n/med leprosy and disease of skin of each seed coat all have certain precaution and dietotherapy effect. Contain rich crude fibre, have effect of certain dietotherapy of whole wheat bread to constipation.

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