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Equestrian tine dish namely the equestrian tine Jian that big the daily life of a family says, belong to a kind of flesh qualitative herb, and the dish leaf of equestrian tine dish has juice to be mixed more the property with thick flesh. The horse ages dish can be used at daily edible not only, still have extremely high officinal value, canLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Alexipharmic, cool blood is heated up to stop to Qing Dynasty since the action of disease, to patient of unwell of intestines and stomach, more should much edible dish of tine of a few horses, so does the horse age dish can be used at treating skin disease?

 Does the horse age dish can treat skin disease

Purslane has very good clear hot dispel wet, detumescence is acetanilide, stop the urticant diminish inflammation, effect with curb bacterium, the skin disease that causes by hot poison remediably, wait for curative effect of fester sex skin disease to abscess, acne especially remarkable.

Purslane treats skin disease but to be taken orally but external use. The method of external use is, after cleaning purslane clean, go, hit into juice, next direct daub is in affected part, have or add honey to move water daub present on the face film is used, clean clean with clear water after 20 minutes can. If be to be taken orally, the simplest is to extract juice drinkable, OK alsoNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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With it decoct soup is taken.

Nevertheless, the person of pregnant woman and easy diarrhoea is unfavorable take and daub purslane, because purslane can cause slippery embryo, and the cold sex of purslane is idiosyncratic also can accentuateForum of Shanghai night net

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Diarrhoea person and.

 Does the horse age dish can treat skin disease

How does purslane treat skin disease

Pustular sore (impetigo)

Do purslane levigation, every time 3 grams (pink of usable and right amount grape flavors) , a day 3, at anteprandial with warm boiled water tone is takenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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. Take 2~4 day to be able to be cured repeatedly.

Compressed wart

Dry purslane 100 grams (delicacy tastes 300 grams) , water simmer in water, morning and evening is divided 2 times lukewarm take, take 6 agents to be one period of treatment repeatedly. Use affected part of apply of purslane dregs of a decoction at the same time, a day of 4~6 second, every time apply 10~15 minute, can obtain with 1~2 period of treatment commonly more. Yi Ke brushs besmear verrucous body to come directly with purslane tide is red, brush besmear 2 times everyday, the effect also beautiful.

 Does the horse age dish can treat skin disease

Berpes zoster (dragon pestering a waistShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, the snake strings together sore)

Pound slimy apply affected part with bright purslane, a day of 2~6 second. After apply is used, its can be decreased sorelyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Light. Somebody treats more than 50 patient with its, the kill is the quickest person cure inside 2 days, cure in 7 days or so commonly. Usable also bright purslane 100 grams, mincing, decoct brushs besmear affected part into concentrated juice, a day of number second, take a week to control Yike to cure repeatedly.

Sufficient tinea

Bright purslane 100 grams (mincing) , aluminous 20 grams, the bubble after water simmer in water washs affected part 20 minutes or so, a day 4. Common treatment a week can be cured.

Bee is stung

Be like the sting of a bee of the bequeath on the skin, should preferential piece, be in apply of bright purslane pound next affected part. The number after general apply minute painful stop, the detumescence inside 3~5 hour.

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