[ormosia soup is right fetal have profit] – of action of _ of _ pregnant woman

Article introduction

Ormosia is a kind of very nourishing food crops, say ormosia is the meaning that places lovesickness, but actually ormosia tastes mouthfeel is first-rate, and especially to the female, let eat ormosia, conduce to dispel body not only insideShanghai night net

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Damp, and stillShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Can help a female recuperate menstruation, the female lies when conceiving pregnancy, it is to must have a variety of nutrition article, so is ormosia soup right fetal is there profit?

 Ormosia soup is right fetal have profit

Can 1 pregnant woman drink ormosia boiling water

Pregnant woman can drink ormosia boiling water. Because ormosia sex is smooth, flavour pleasant, have diuresis, remove oedema, strong heart, alexipharmic effect, also pregnant woman place needs its nutrition composition and effect, during be pregnant right amount drink some of ormosia boiling water, offset is mixed except oedema maintain heart health, eduction toxin has profit very much.

The nutrient value of 2 ormosia soup

The bases of ormosia soup namely ormosia, saponin of rich vitamin E, B1, B2, Potassium, magnesian, phosphor, zinc, Selenium, protein, plant is contained to wait for nutrient composition in ormosia, have enrich the blood, the effect such as activation of diuresis, detumescence, stimulative heart. Have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever at the same time, be good at bowel of lienal beneficial stomach, embellish is aperient, aerate except irritated, enrich the blood the action such as raw milk, medicable pee is adverse, lienal the disease such as empty oedema, n/med beriberi.

 Ormosia soup is right fetal have profit

3 pregnant woman drink the advantage of ormosia soup

Raise a heart to enrich the blood

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Fu drinks ormosia soup to be able to raise a heart enrich the blood. Ormosia already can clear internal heat, also can fill painstaking effort. Material of its crude fibre is rich, clinical on conduce falls hematic fat, fall the effect; such as function of dirty activity of heart of blood pressure, improvement contains a lot ofiron to pledge again at the same time, have enrich the blood, the stimulative blood circulation, effect that increases physical power.

Go oedema

In ormosia besides contain rich potassium besides, its are cortical in contains black horn glucoside also has very powerful diuresis effect, can remove waterLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Swollen, can alleviate effectively oedema of ministry of pregnant woman leg. Because of,also can treat beriberi and nephritic functionForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The dropsy of the facial ministry that ebb and causes, foot ministry. So, remedial oedema uses ormosia surely.

Be good at lienal beneficial stomach

Ormosia contains more black horn glucoside, can stimulate alvine path peristalsis, promote its to digest absorption function. The prandial fiber content of red bean is quite rich also, blueness of bowel of can effective stimulation wriggles. Can prevent effectively and improve constipation, those who make defecate is smooth. Pregnant woman drinks ormosia boiling water, can prevent constipation.

 Ormosia soup is right fetal have profit

Clear heat is alexipharmic

Pregnant woman drinks ormosia soup to also be helpful for clear hot detoxify. Because red bean contains rich B a group of things with common features vitamin and iron are qualitative, still contain acid of protein, adipose, saccharide, calcic, phosphor, Nick to wait for composition, have clear hot diuresis, dispel the action with wet poisonous platoon.

Additional folic acid

Ormosia is the food that contains a lot offolic acid, pregnant woman edible conduces to additional folic acid, promote fetal cerebra and nerve growth, prevent fetal deformation. The puerpera drinks ormosia soup to still conduce to a breast.

Those who require an attention is: Drinkable ormosia soup wants pregnant woman right amount, one-time unfavorable and overmuch; if suffer from,have pregnant in additionSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The pregnant woman proposal with diabetic pregnancy had better be careful drink ormosia boiling water.

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