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Article introduction

Soup of yam tomato egg is cate of a commonner the daily life of a family, main material is be made by fresh tomato and yam and egg place and become, the way is exceedingly simple, and among them nutrition value is rich, yam has the effect of filling gas, often edible is better to the body, can will cut after tomato is abluent, the egg is joined to flavor after yam boiler is being joined to leave in putting water can.

What is the practice of soup of tomato yam egg?

What is the practice of soup of tomato yam egg?

Feed material detail

Advocate makings: Tomato 2 yam right amount

Burden: Egg 2 only

Complementary makings: Olive oil right amount salt is right amount gallinaceous essence is right amount chopped green onion is right amount

The measure that make

1, raw material

2, tomato is abluent cut piece.

3, yam flay is cut piece, infiltrate in small bowl 2 eggs, green cuts chopped green onion.

4, olive oil is entered in the stockpot, enter tomato subsequently piece break up fry, break up fry to give juice.

5, join hill pill to continue to break up fry.

What is the practice of soup of tomato yam egg?

6, add right amount water, boil.

7, 5 minutes are boiled after boil.

8, drench into egg fluid rapid agitate leaves.

9, transfer into finally essence of right amount salt, chicken, scatter chopped green onion can.

10, the soup of tomato yam egg of delicate nutrition.

Tomato egg soup


Tomato 250 grams, egg 2, starch of peanut oil, balm, salt, gourmet powder, green, ginger, caraway, water, soup-stock each are right amount.


1, tomato is abluent, flay cuts small.

2, green ginger cuts into shreds, caraway is abluent cut paragraphs small.

3, egg knock is entered divide evenly is hit inside the bowl, the oiling that fry pan burns heat, leave boiler of boil in water for a while of green ginger silk, join soup-stock, divide evenly of agitate of fluid of tomato piece, egg falls after be being burned, add salt, gourmet powder to flavor, scatter on caraway can give boiler.

Small hang


Colour and lustre is beautiful and relaxed, acid is sweet goluptious.

Tomato egg soup


Tomato 3, egg 2, salt, chopped green onion

What is the practice of soup of tomato yam egg?


1, tomato is entered roll water to iron 1 minute, scoop in putting cold water, tomato decorticates go seed, stripping and slicing reserves. Egg break up, add a few salt to reserve.

2, boiler hot oil comes 7 minutes ripe, enter the tomato that has cut, break up fry moment, burn into right amount clear water next, join a few salt.

3, soup juice burns flameout, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Egg fluid slowlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Enter Shang Zhong, (Do not churn right now soup) , after waiting for an egg to spend record into the egg again gently agitate divide evenly, scatter when edible on chopped green onion can.

Soup of egg of tomato bean curd

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Advocate makings: Egg 50 grams, tomato 100 grams, boreal bean curd 200 grams,

Condiment: The plant is oily 50 grams, green Chinese onion 10 grams, salt 3 grams, gourmet powder 1 overcome


1, tomato all cuts 4;

2, bean curd cuts small diamonds;

3, the egg knocks a bowl in, add right amountFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
; of saline agitate divide evenly

4, boiler get angry enters vegetable oil, oil is burned when be being heated up to 8 minutes, after next tomato are fried, put right amount water and bean curd1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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5, egg agitate is entered when waiting for Shangkai, boiler fills a bowl since, put right amount chopped green onion, salt, gourmet powder to flavor to be become namely.

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