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It is method of better a kind of fitness actually personally, if can go,gym assists the word of equipment of a few fitness scientificly, so achieved thin body effect is better, say the use to these gymnastical equipment so, everybody should notice to understand, so below analyse the introduction for everybody, how is gymnastical equipment used, him help with OK and fast ability is thin arm, carry good figure.

Method of gymnastical equipment thin arm

1 dumbbell is held

Substitute: The mineral water bottle of 500ml

Simple dumbbell is held can exercise or so arm respectively, look for two casually in the home 50Fall in love with the sea

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The mineral spring water bottle of 0ml can drill with begin. This method, lin Xinru once used special thin arm before a lot of years, via her personal experience, prove the result is very right really.

2 dumbbell are curved lift

Point: Left hand holds right hand elbow in the palm, have fixed effect. Slowly will before the arm is raised, again slowly put down. The arm when the attention is put down is shown as far as possible linear, can make muscle line appears inhomogenous otherwise.

Rhythm: 3 groups, every groups of 15-18 second, rest one minute among.

3 barbell are held

Substitute: Diy

Barbell is held can two arms synchronism takes exercise, and because the obstruction of barbell is opposite bigger, so frequency shoulds not be too fast, lest exercise a muscle. Barbell looks for a thing not easily in the home to replace, if want to undertake in the home barbell practices, can Diy, or buy 5Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Kilogram heavy barbell is OK.

No matter be the body which day,the ground just piles up fat, so to reducing weight option issue of the method, everybody cannot be ignored quite, a kind of any methods need to achieve specific aim, and it is to build the base in healthy science over, must not the use because of the mistake, and cause other and undesirable effect to the body.

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