” ark: Live developmental ” bonus of open of league matches of survival of the fittest is very rich and generous

Net of superhuman vital energy swims ” ark: Live developmental ” those who derive is big escape the independent game survival of the fittest that kills a kind is opened already freely to the player, besides increase electric contest function besides, mode of survival of the fittest returns meeting change money to change pattern, this new independent play and original ” ark: Live developmental ” have greatly different. Now, studio Wildcard makes group of electric contest league matches that disclosed survival of the fittest, return enumerate the bonus of before the seniority in game 40 players, sincerity of it may be said is dye-in-the-wood.

The electric contest league matches of survival of the fittest will single out game in 30 days the player of before 4 mode seniority 10, 30 days of game after passing can enter next timing level, circulate so. In the meantime, game always also can track the player of before seniority 10, and be after end of the first phase, the rank is not met replacement, if the player is enough puissant, sheet of a list of names posted up can be being occupied by force in pop chart also is not impossible.

Official description: ” ark: Live developmental ” league matches of survival of the fittest is a game that can win money award not just, it is the process that wins honor more, we to ” ark: Live developmental ” the operation of league matches of survival of the fittest is valued very, we hope the player is devoted into at this match, spell a top level.

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