” suicidal maniple ” antic female insanity gets Man Tangcai of preview public praise too perfect

Wanner and the files of summer vacation time that DC manufactures jointly are old ” suicidal maniple ” one of super hero films that can saying is the most unusual this year plan, broadcast in prevue especially later, filmgoer people be opposite piece expect watch is to upsurge all the way.

Last weekend, piece just held first preview in the California, a batch of lucky filmgoer get shifting to an earlier date watching ” suicidal maniple ” opportunity. From the point of the feedback of gregarious network after mirrorring, this Anglophobia hero is super big won Man Tangcai. Because the antic female Ha Likui that Teluobi acts Ma song is to get accord more reputably, by assist the most perfect clown female.

Notable is, what this batch of audiences see is not film is final the edition that finish, editing and rearrangement and specially good effect are finished degree with show edition can have distinction. The netizen that participates in preview feedbacks as follows:

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