Exhaust of carry out of complete beauty of caricature of header of hydra edition United States is black the team that change the United States ovation

Hydra edition ” American header ” caused a mighty uproar ferments continuously, black the minor companionate injury that changes captain to let a lot of unidentified truths appeared a heart, caricature ” American header: Shidiwenluojiesi 1 ” attention spends also be loiter loiter to rise, vermicelli made from bean starch of a lot of films also told about the caricature of hydra edition beautiful team to generate interest to this, according to Comicbook report, this book caricature has made work entirely exhaust, will begin 2 times to presswork.

” American header: Shidiwenluojiesi 1 ” by Nikesibinsai (Nick Spencer) and Ye Sa Si Saici (Jesus Saiz) creation, the American header that spoke hydra banzai lets global vermicelli made from bean starch be astonished greatly, the mother from beautiful team already by hydra recruit, and the person that beautiful team is hydra explodes this the dot is to bring more super- imaginary influence, sell the issue that became of course naturally greatly then, free power do this black changing is really too cover a region.

” American header: Shidiwenluojiesi 1 ” will meet on July 6 again open is trafficced, the vermicelli made from bean starch that wants to collect nots allow to miss.

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