England breaths out li of princely assail game: ” the night of fort ” should be banned!

Harry is princely, susaikesi is ducal, british royalty the 6th arrange a heir sharp recen上海千花网

tly attack escape greatly kill game ” the night of fort ” , think this game should be banned even. According to BBC report, the YMCA that breaths out li of prince to be in London published a paragraph of speech on the activity. “(” the night of fort ” ) should be not allowed to exist上海夜网论坛

, what to want this kind of thing to have to use in the home? It is come out to be to let person addiction by 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

creation, let a person sit for long before computer as far as possible. It very not responsible. This resembles is to waiting for harm happening helplessly, child of be a burden on, destroy a family. ” additionally he still thinks gregarious media ” make a person more than alcohol and drugs addiction ” . ” the night of fort ” impetus is not decreased, the likelihood has made the whole world the most popular game, also had made the culture appearance of win universal praise. The phase before Epic atelier announces ” the night of fort ” have 250 million register an user, at the same time online number record breaks through 10.8 million person. Be faced with “上海千花网论坛

black acts 4 ” ” Apex hero ” the posture that the competitive a bit that waits for congener work did not yield. Before, world Health Organization decided game becomes addiction formally is disease of a kind of spirit. Of diagnose point to proof in several are mixed the other symptom that become addiction is same, those who include pair of game action control force damage oneself, raise sport the first order in daily activity, ignore negative consequence and continue to strengthen game behavior to wait even. But Harry makes known his position princelily and do not mean ” the night of fort ” should encounter a problem, the likelihood explains this game is hot inst上海同城对对碰交友社区

ead arrived certain level. This game also posed a few other issue, a few actor are sued ” the night of fort ” e上海千花网交友

mbezzle the dancing that they achieve formerly, but the court has ruled dance movement does not enjoy copyright protection.

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